Thanksgiving in Style

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Fort Collins Rescue Mission....

During the Holidays we often think of how lucky we are to have warm, inviting homes surrounded by loved ones.  It is also a time to reflect upon those that are less fortunate.  This Thanksgiving Holiday I did something that I've always wanted to do but never felt the courage.  I volunteered to feed the homeless and those in need at the Fort Collins Rescue Mission.  It was a humbling experience and I know I will do it again!

Fort Collins Rescue MissionFate would have it that there was only ONE volunteer spot left when I volunteered to help feed those in need at the Fort Collins Rescue MissionThe Volunteers over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This opportunity had been weighing on my heart for weeks and I finally signed up - just in time!  This organization opened its doors in 2012 to continue their more than 20-year history of serving Northern Colorado.  So many volunteers helped to make this time of year a comforting experience for those in need.  The meals were prepared when I arrived... Turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables and desserts were plentiful thanks to the Rescue Mission volunteers as well as members of the community who took the time and effort to donate.

More information about the Fort Collins Rescue Mission and how you can help can be found here: