Midnight Mopping

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Mopping What At Midnight?

It was a very hot and humid night. I was awakened by severe itching on my hand and arm and a buzzing in my ear. That mosquito had to go! Unable to exterminate the critter by slapping myself silly when I felt the bite or buzz, I knew my few hours of sleep had ended. It was 11:30 at night and was now wide awake.

The cool shower was a relief to the humidity and itchiness. After the shower, I popped open a beer and went onto the veranda to enjoy the meager breeze that was making its way inland from the sea. It was quite dark and the cloud-covered moon and the glow of my cigarette was the only light between me and the pool deck.

A black flash swiped the veranda steps and disappeared into the shrubbery. A head peaked around the corner and started up the steps. I waved my arms and shooed it away. "Those darn stray cats", I thought to myself. Again, the animal approached the veranda and started up the step. Our eyes locked. It was a definitely not a cat! The raccoon brought me to my feet as I rushed inside to grab my mop to shoo it away. He was really cute but my mind was imagining this creature biting my toes and I had to save those little piggy's. The mop did the trick and the little critter scampered away in a rush.

Feeling quite satisfied that I had conquered the varmint of the night, I sat in my chair holding the mop in my hand. It was then that I had the visual image of myself... sitting on the veranda, drinking a beer at midnight with a mop in hand. Whew - if anyone saw this they would think that I had gone absolutely mad.

I was busted! Edward, the security guard, walked around the corner. Shaking his head at me, he says, "So now I know why that little raccoon was running so fast! I knew Tracey must be out here somewhere!" Well, at least I didn't have to explain the mop. We both laughed very hard when I explained to him how I would imagine explaining to any observer why I was sitting on my veranda at midnight with mop in hand.

I ran into Edward today on my way home from the market. Two days later we were still laughing about my midnight mopping episode. Laughing at the visual image you hold of yourself in your head will allow you to laugh at real life going on. We all need that sometimes and I really laughed at myself and this comedy episode of my life. Cheers, everyone. May your evenings be mosquito, raccoon and mop free.


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