Ramon's Village Resort Fire

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Fire at Ramon's Village, August 2013

My neighbors had invited me to a magnificent Snapper dinner. I had just finished shoveling the last of the coleslaw into my mouth when an explosion was heard and the lights went out. Blackness surrounded the island. Neighbors emerged on their balconies, telephones in hand.

Calls were going out to those just south of our Villas to determine what had happened, where the ball of fire and smoke were that we were seeing and making sure loved ones were okay. After many moments of confusion, the results of the evening's happenings were reported. Ramon's Village was on fire. Streams of residents on foot, bicycles and golf carts rushed in the direction of the fire. Ramons Village- San Pedro Belize - August 2013 FireSoon we see the one and only fire truck on the Island racing south down Sea Grape Drive. Of course, we were all concerned that there was no loss of life - buildings can be replaced.

Ramon's Village Resort is one of the oldest resorts on the island and has been in operation since 1982. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Resorts you will pass by on the walk to town by the use of the beach from the southernmost areas of the island. The complex housed its own restaurant, dive shop, gift shop and elaborate guest quarters. Much of that is now gone. Thirty cabanas in addition to the resort office area, Pineapples Restaurant, the Purple Parrot Bar and Ramon's Gift Shop are now ashes. There have been no reports of injuries to any guests, staff, emergency services personnel or island residents. Dodged the bullet; a very good thing.

More information on the fire, photographs and rebuilding plans can be found at Ramon's Village Website and Ambergris Today online news website.


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