Feline Frenzy Fright

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Boaz Sounds the Alarm

We stood admiring the multitude of pink hues in the clouds as the sun set. It had been a great day that had started at dawn. With e-mails sent and answered, work projects complete and a meeting with friends and colleagues concluded, the day had been one of those of story-book perfection.

As I bid my guests goodbye, I couldn't help but notice that my cat was verifiably uninterested in how wonderful I thought my day had been. He was, however, very interested in a particular area of the entertainment center that stood in the living area of the villa. It was clear that this was something that was more than just an annoyance to my kitty. I contemplated pulling the entertainment center out a foot or two to see what was behind there that had the undivided attention of my feline. Ah, but it was getting dark, my eyesight isn't that great anymore and I visualized myself having to jump and run should something run out from behind the piece of furniture if I moved it. Humph. I decided to wait until morning to explore what may be bothering the anxious cat.

Over the years I have learned to pay close attention to my pets. They observe and are much more intuitive than humans. This night was no different. Boaz kept pacing to and fro around the entertainment center. "Okay", I thought, "I'll just check in the empty drawer to see if I can see anything". Arghhhh! There was a snake hanging on the lip of the drawer! It fell into the drawer as I promptly slammed it shut while shrieking.

"What am I going to do?" I spoke out loud to myself. I ran outside to find our security guard. No security guard to be found. Okay, I'll call my neighbors who have said that if I need "anything" to just call. They informed me that security would not be present for another hour and a half. "Sorry," they said, "there is nothing that we can do". As I hung up the phone, I realized that they obviously liked snakes just as much as I did. "Now what?" I thought. Breathe, Tracey, breathe....

I made a call to my villa management company. One of the best on the Island, I might add. After I (frantically) explained that I had a snake in my house, he told me that he would see what he could do and would call me back. With adrenaline flowing and panic overtaking me, I promptly took a couple of shots of 1-barrell (why do we do that?) and restlessly awaited a call from my management company. They called back within 5 minutes telling me that they were sending their personal security guard to get the snake. He arrived within minutes, knocking at my back door. I was relieved that they weren't on "Island Time" for my little crises.

I didn't miss a step as I ran to the door to let him in. Pointing to the entertainment center drawer, I told him there was a snake in there. He opened the drawer and, sure enough, the snake was still there. "But wait", I added, "I want to take pictures of this.... I've got to write about this!" He obliged my wish while he removed the snake with a stick and held it up for my camera shots. He must have thought I was a bit loony, wanting to take pictures.

"What is your name?" I asked. "Lindell", he replied with a grin. I definitely had to get the spelling right to acknowledge his heroic efforts to save this damsel in distress.

It was quite late before I could actually relax enough to get a good night's rest. I'm glad I did not delay exploring what my cat was so annoyed about until the morning light. I praised my kitty for his alerting me and gave him is favorite cat-nip treats. I feel so fortunate that I had people to call to help me and that my cat alerted me to a potential problem that, otherwise, I would not have known existed! When all was said and done, I have to admit that it was a good ending to a day that had unfolded from pink hues in a beautiful sky and story-book ideologies into catching sneaky snakes.


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