Elvi's Kitchen

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Elvi's Kitchen

It's not beach front but there is sand on the floor and turtles on the walls (and did I mention the food is spectacular?)

Elvi's Kitchen. That is not THE Elvis, Presley fans.

This local restaurant is full of charm and consistently good food. Go ahead and take off those flip-flops and run your toes through the sand while you sip on a cool drink.

There are four separate dining areas in this corner bistro. Upon entering, the first dining area is lined with only a few colorful wood tables for casual dining or waiting for takeout. The second & third dining areas encompass the largest areas for guest seating. There is a bar along the back of the room with an opening that allows you to peek at the chefs while they prepare those delicious meals. Two HUGE tortoise shells hang on the wall. The waiter explains to me that the turtles were 30-40 years old when harvested and that it made for delicious tortuous soup. Now-a-days they are a protected species, he continues, acknowledging that they should have been protected long ago. The tables are draped with brightly colored table runners and a tree decorated with tube lighting can be found next to a small stage. The day I visited Elvi's, a local musician played guitar and sang popular Mexican (or El Salvadoran) music while the patrons happily joined in the chorus. I make a mental note to order that Rosetta Stone language instructional tape so I am able to listen intelligently. Communication is key. The last seating area, separated by a long wall, provides a private and quaint setting. The walls are lined with paintings of Belize, created by local artisans. It's just magnificent.

This restaurant is loved by locals and tourists alike. It consistently serves up great meals at good prices. If you are ever in San Pedro, be sure to stop in!

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