Do you want lobster with that Bloody Mary?

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pannerifix steel band

My girls had been gone for less than a week; I was getting settled in but have to admit I was feeling a little down without their company. The sun had returned and the rain and storms were in Mexico by now.

 Okay... The pool was beckoning with a collage of neighbors that I had not yet met. It was time to quit basking in self pity and loneliness. Donning my swimsuit and grabbing my 10-year old 'Polo' beach towel I headed to the pool. The neighbors were wonderful and curious about their new fellow citizen; as I was curious about them. Conversations flowed and new friendships were formed.

While talking about events in town and what to do and see while in Belize, a couple of the neighbors suggested that I accompany them to the annual Lobster Fest events that were taking place in the town square of San Pedro that night. Perfect alternative to the pity party I could have thrown for myself that evening.

The Belize Lobster Fest is a celebration of the opening of the lobster season. The whole town gathers together to join in the celebration as restaurants compete for the best lobster menu at the festival. How could you go wrong with that? We ventured into town that evening and found that the events, food booths and vendors were as warm as the climate.

The highlight of the evening was the Panerrifix Steel Band hailing from Our Lady of Guadalupe RC School in Belmopan. They travel the country performing and the music was incredible to say the least. What talent!

We walked from booth to booth sampling items from the menus. Everything from lobster in the shell, lobster pizza, lobster taco's to lobster Bloody Marys. The local restaurants really put on a feast for all of the festival goers. It was a remarkable evening with new friends and new food. What more could a girl want? (Except, maybe, her firends from "back home" to share it with :-))

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