The New Black Boys in the Hood

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Boaz and Bandit - the New Black Boys in the Hood

The sand, sea, plants and animals on this Island are very different than what we find in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado. I have been very protective of my kitties, only allowing them outside on occasion and keeping them well within eye and ear shot. They have absolutely loved exploring their new surroundings and I am fortunate that, just like dogs, they will come running when I whistle.

 Recently I had an event that I could not have predicted. Boaz and I were on the veranda enjoying the breeze one evening when all the screeching and fur flying began. It was not an Iguana or a crab that instigated a confrontation but a little orange tabby cat that had recently began hanging out - undoubtedly anxious to meet his new neighbors. Well, welcome to the "hood"... After untangling the fur balls and claws and chasing the tabby away, I hastily ran inside with Boaz in my arms, noticing drops of blood as I rushed him to the sink to wash off all of the sand that was now matted in his coat. I wasn't sure if the blood was from him or his opposition. I carefully checked to find a wound as I washed him off; none to be found. All went well for the next couple of days, but on the third morning after the incident, Boaz couldn't put any weight on his right front paw and he was hobbling around in obvious pain.

The trip to the local Vet went very well. He was an idyllic patient. They took his temperature, weighed him and shaved some fur from is upper right shoulder where they found the puncture wound. There was no infection, whew! With antibiotics and pain pills in hand, we headed home. He hasn't fought taking the medication at all and it amazes me how he'll jump on my lap awaiting his daily dose. The meds are all gone now and he's back to playing and romping with his brother, Bandit, again. Last night he jumped a good three feet off the ground turning a half circle mid air. I wasn't sure what he saw but it certainly wasn't that orange tabby cat who, by the way, has only been back once since the incident. He has now officially been initiated into the "Hood". The other cats are now very respectful of these two new black boys who have come from a land far, far away.

Any move is difficult enough when you are relocating pets but moving to another Country can be especially challenging. I've had many questions from my readers about the process of taking my cats on this adventure with me. Many people travel with dogs but travelling with a cat is, well, a whole new animal. I will be putting together a free pamphlet for all of you cat lovers out there who are considering travelling with your furry friends that will be available early next month. Let me know if you'd like a copy.

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