And Then The Rains Came

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November 2013 Rains in Belize

A paw gently wakes me at night when it rains.  I think my cat really believes that I can shut off the dripping sky like a dripping faucet . He has way too much confidence in me.

It has been said that the rainy season in Central America is July through September. According to the "locals", this November has been unusually wet. We've had rain for two straight weeks. As I write this post, we've had a day and a half of dry, sunny weather but is now raining again this evening. It doesn't even compare to the devastating floods experienced by Colorado this year, but I sure do miss my Thinsulate Muck Boots that are in storage! I do have two pairs of shoes. One set of flip-flops for trudging through the mud, water and wet sand and the other flip-flops for "dress shoes".

The pictures below will give you a snapshot of the standing & flowing waters with a glimpse of an incredible moon-rise when things have begun to dry out.

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